1. Unlike most brewers, Mikkel doesn’t own a brewery.

    Mikkel draws up detailed instructions for these fabricators to follow — specifying malt quantity to the milligram, mash schedule to the minute, bitterness to the I.B.U. — and the first time he tastes his own beer is usually when the brewer sends him a shipment and an invoice. “I don’t enjoy making beer,” he says. “I like making recipes and hanging out.”

    This way of working is known as “phantom brewing” or “gypsy brewing,” and Mikkel is one of its best-known practitioners.

    A Fight Is Brewing - NYTimes.com


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  2. Let's try this again


    A few years ago we seed financed a promising new startup called Svpply. We were taken with Ben Pieratt’s creative brilliance, the product and vision.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work out and eBay acquired the product. That didn’t work out either post acquisition as eBay is now shutting Svpply down.

    Ben isn’t happy about that so he’s creating Very Goods, as the new Svpply. And this time he’s decided to not raise money from investors and he’s not going to be the CEO.

    First, super nice post thank you Bijan.

    Second, I’d like to restate that this effort is very much a partnership with Fictive Kin. I absolutely would not be attempting this if it weren’t for the vision and experience Cameron and his partners are bringing to the table for this project.

    Here’s another link to the kickstarter.
  3. A problem keeps a solution “honest,” so to speak.

    These ideas are all derived from philosophical arguments. The last reflects the fact that solutions embody explanations, and easy-to-vary explanations, according to the physicist-philosopher David Deutsch, are inferior to hard-to-vary explanations, for complex reasons he describes in his work.

    Product Design 001 — Medium

    Fascinating thought. Slowly reading this post by Mills.

    Here’s a link to Deutsch book: The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World

  4. Svpply created navigation patterns that have been widely used (overused?) since, but at they time the app was as fresh as it gets. When iOS7 showed up, the app was already right at home. With zero updates in two years, it still feels absolutely current today.

    Adios Svpply - A. Craig Williams - A. Craig Williams

    eBay announced that its sunsetting Svpply yesterday.

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  7. You were born free, you got fucked out of half of it, and you wave a flag celebrating it.

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  8. ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically (by suckerpinch)

    This is like what happens to souls in a black hole

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  11. American users tend to prefer stickers that leave no space for misinterpretation, according to Mr. Watanabe. So smiles are wide, and stickers are often accompanied by captions like “Awesome!” and “Great job!”

    By contrast, in Japan, Line offers characters with smiles, half-smiles and barely there smiles, he said. “Our American colleagues asked us: What’s the point of a half-smile?” Mr. Watanabe said. “It’s difficult to express in words. That’s why we use stickers.”

    No Time to Text? Say It With Stickers - NYTimes.com

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  14. Walter built a Hessian for me.

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