1. While I was sitting in meditation trying to sit still, I kept thinking about this funny weird game I used to play with myself when I was little: I’d lay in bed on my back for as long as I could, feeling the urge to move grow ever stronger. I’d hold it and hold it, staying as still as possible, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I’d move my body out in every direction. That’s what meditation felt like at first.

    Saying Hello To My Ball of Anxiety  — Stop Being Afraid of Making Something Bad and Something Good Will Happen — Medium

  2. We now have a young generation who are having to ‘surf the chaos’ so to speak, who are ‘scanning’ their way through events and images, reading life from its surface. There seems to be no time to develop depth.

    David Bowie, 1995 (via jackrusher)

    I dont buy this. The assumption being that old world depth is something worth clinging to.

    Perhaps skimming along the top yields unforeseen perspectives? Who can say what advantages non-investment in any single perspective may bring.

    The only thing we can say for certain is that we’ve just started down a new path. Where it takes us who can say?

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    This Man Received No Jail Time …What Does This Say To You ?


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    Still the Greatest (and Coldest) Moment in All-Star History, and I’ll post this GIF every year because it’s the only thing that matters. #GotEmCoach

    "So which one of you guys is coming in second?"

    I think about this a lot.

  5. Hat by @joncontino shades by Tens

  6. Now hiring:
    Electric Objects Creative Director

    two things are happening:
    1. I’m going full-time as EO’s creative director for a few months
    2. Part of my job is to replace myself

    So, I’m looking for a great designer to hand Electric Objects over to.

    Ideally, you:
    - have designed brands
    - have designed interfaces
    - have designed social interfaces
    - have designed ecommerce interfaces
    - have designed packaging
    - are interested in art
    - have created art
    - have style and taste
    - have experience building teams

    Other notes:
    • The job is in NYC
    • The pay and equity are competitive
    • EO will help the right person relocate
    • Future prospects for the company are ridiculous
    • You’d be working directly with Jacob Bijani, who is a total badass engineer/designer and super nice guy
    • For better or worse you’d be working directly with me for the first while as we transition things.

    This is a no joke opportunity.

    If this sounds like the right move, email me directly:

  7. I just wrote a press release:

    "Svpply was a landmark internet fashion community that’s now being shutdown by Ebay. Its former designer and CEO is resurrecting it with help from friends and an already-successful Kickstarter campaign.

    Between the design concepts and their thoughts on Smallness, it seems clear that the new Very Goods stands to shake up the fashion and tech industries as much as its predecessor.

    If this sounds interesting you better act fast, there’s only 2 days to act before the site closes its membership doors until 2016.

    You can see and read all about it at http://verygoods.co

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  9. This is happening.

    Very Goods, the new Svpply’s Kickstarter is at 98%. 10 days to go. Feels good man.

  10. Try this at home

    1. Open iPhoto
    2. Go to “Photos”, the grid view of all the photos you’ve taken
    3. Scroll all the way up and click on the earliest photo
    4. Enlarge it so its the only photo you’re looking at
    5. Hold down the right arrow key and you should start to see the images pass by rapidly

    If your collection is like mine, you’ll see a short film of your recent life.

    I cried and smiled so hard :( :)

  11. There are a few things I have witnessed becoming obsolete in the past few years, the first being autographs. I haven’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera. The only memento ‘kids these days’ want is a selfie. It’s part of the new currency, which seems to be ‘how many followers you have on Instagram.’

    Taylor Swift, on the future of the music business. Yes, I just quoted Taylor Swift. But it’s an interesting point about autographs and selfies. (via parislemon)

    This is it, right? That moment where the modern world stops making sense and I can just get old and lose touch and listen to old vinyl and everyone will leave me alone?

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  12. Unlike most brewers, Mikkel doesn’t own a brewery.

    Mikkel draws up detailed instructions for these fabricators to follow — specifying malt quantity to the milligram, mash schedule to the minute, bitterness to the I.B.U. — and the first time he tastes his own beer is usually when the brewer sends him a shipment and an invoice. “I don’t enjoy making beer,” he says. “I like making recipes and hanging out.”

    This way of working is known as “phantom brewing” or “gypsy brewing,” and Mikkel is one of its best-known practitioners.

    A Fight Is Brewing - NYTimes.com


    (great article in general_
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  13. Let's try this again


    A few years ago we seed financed a promising new startup called Svpply. We were taken with Ben Pieratt’s creative brilliance, the product and vision.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work out and eBay acquired the product. That didn’t work out either post acquisition as eBay is now shutting Svpply down.

    Ben isn’t happy about that so he’s creating Very Goods, as the new Svpply. And this time he’s decided to not raise money from investors and he’s not going to be the CEO.

    First, super nice post thank you Bijan.

    Second, I’d like to restate that this effort is very much a partnership with Fictive Kin. I absolutely would not be attempting this if it weren’t for the vision and experience Cameron and his partners are bringing to the table for this project.

    Here’s another link to the kickstarter.
  14. A problem keeps a solution “honest,” so to speak.

    These ideas are all derived from philosophical arguments. The last reflects the fact that solutions embody explanations, and easy-to-vary explanations, according to the physicist-philosopher David Deutsch, are inferior to hard-to-vary explanations, for complex reasons he describes in his work.

    Product Design 001 — Medium

    Fascinating thought. Slowly reading this post by Mills.

    Here’s a link to Deutsch book: The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World

  15. Svpply created navigation patterns that have been widely used (overused?) since, but at they time the app was as fresh as it gets. When iOS7 showed up, the app was already right at home. With zero updates in two years, it still feels absolutely current today.

    Adios Svpply - A. Craig Williams - A. Craig Williams

    eBay announced that its sunsetting Svpply yesterday.

    This is blog of product designer Ben Pieratt

    Me, Elsewhere:

    Things I've written that are better than other things I've written: